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Dance Studio Empire Conference

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

8:30am - 6:00pm

Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland

Leave with: Clarity, Community, Strategy all wrapped up into one jam-packed day of learning.

Sessions Include:

Dare To Dream Big

Business Systems and Foundations

Skyrocket Studio Visibility

Enrollment Generation Machine

Money Mastery & Additional Revenue Streams

Retention Ninja

Keeping the Long Game in Sight

Building Your Empire

Who Should Attend?

Dance Studio Owners and Educators who want to grow their businesses

without overwhelm or sacrificing their personal lives.

Stop treating your studio like a hobby... Treat it like a real business!

What to Expect...

  • Identify your studio's sparkle factor

  • Create a winning strategy for your studio

  • Find the hidden money in your business

  • Unpack the most profitable revenue streams in your studio

  • Reclaim control of your own destiny and success (YES, you can!)

  • and so much more!

This Conference is hosted by Erin Burd, Jennifer Randall

and the Dance Studio Empire Team

Erin Burd : Dance Studio Strategist, Author, and Speaker

Erin Burd is the founder of Dance Studio Empire, a community built to support dance studio owners and educators to grow their businesses, create their own unique vision of success, all without the burnout, overwhelm, or sacrificing your personal lives.

Erin is the author of the Passion and Profit Project : You CAN have it ALL! and a sought out speaker. She has her own dance business, is the founder of a non-profit arts outreach program and coaches dance studio owners from all over the globe!

She is passionate about seeing studio owners live the life of their dreams and coming up with custom solutions to fit your needs. She believes strongly that our businesses are special, and her approach as a coach should be too. No cookie cutter modules or getting lost inside of a big box coaching program.

Erin's energy is unmatched and she is ready to walk with you on your journey!

Jennifer Randall has been around dance studios her entire life. She started her dance studio with 60 students and grew the studio to just over 550 and a staff of 12 for over 15 years. She quickly learned that she actually enjoyed the marketing side of the studio.

Jennifer has always enjoyed learning new marketing skills and seeing how she can use them for dance studios. After 15 years, Jennifer sold the studio to focus on raising her children and realized that she had a passion for helping other studio owners with their marketing and getting the most for their money so she moved into social media marketing for dance studios.

Jennifer is the founder of Attract & Enroll, a membership that grew from her passion to help studio owners increase enrollment, engagement and communication through proven social media marketing strategies. She spent 15 years building a dance studio of her own and now, with her knowledge and love for the “social media stuff," she can help studio owners get parents and students off of the "social media scroll" and through the doors.

Genevieve Ryan is an American born dancer, teacher and choreographer who has made Galway, Ireland her home since 2006. She has been engaged in her own dance practice for over 30 years and has studied dance all across the United States and Europe.

Genevieve has over 15 years teaching experience and is the director of the Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy and Bodies in Motion. In 2015 she received her MA in Dance from the University of Limerick with a focus on dance education. She is a co-founder of the Galway Dance Project and is the founder and creative director of TRIBES Youth Arts Festival.

Genevieve began coaching to share her knowledge and experience of business and the arts. She believes everyone deserves the freedom to follow their passion and create a sustainable life!

An interactive, action-packed training with strategies and tools you’ll be able to implement right away to make your studio even better than ever.

Templates, checklists, and other downloadable tools to make taking action after the conference EASY and FAST!

Breakout sessions where you can mix and mingle with other attendees to share insights, challenges and triumphs, aha moments, and just have FUN with your peers who get you!